Here’s To A Zoomin’ 2012 (Part Two)

In Part One of this post, we examined the first 91 days of Zoom Water™ and highlighted a lot of the happenings since we kicked off this exciting new beverage product.

In part two, we’re going to talk about some of the specific things going on to grow and build this company.

First, the most important thing for us right now is distribution. We have plenty of buzz and excitement for the product, and the number one question is “where can I buy it?” We need to be able to answer that with more definition and clarity. Right now, you can purchase Zoom Water at and – and we’ve had a growing case sales volume on those sites – but we need Zoom in more grocery stores, cafes, and convenience stores. We’re working hard on that!

We have an exciting and compelling redesign in the works. While the current Zoom Water™ logo has served its purpose, we’re excited to soon be showing off a new presentation. Our bottle label has been redesigned to better highlight and market the fact that this isn’t just bottled water — this is CAFFEINATED water! We want people to see that immediately, so they know what we’re all about instantly. The new design also conveys “energy” better. We can’t wait to share the new look with you.

While we’re working to grow our brand and footprint here in the United States, we’re also in the middle of negotiating an extraordinary deal to distribute Zoom Water™ to another country. Again, we can’t say much just yet, but we’re excited to have a remarkable partner in a country that has repeatedly expressed interest in our product. In a weird twist of business fate, at least temporarily, Zoom Water™ will be more widely available there than here at home. But that’s okay.

Finally, we have a new PR effort that will get underway as soon as the redesign is complete. We’re excited to have crafted a plan, we think, that will garner Zoom Water the attention we feel it deserves, and build awareness about our small business.

Quick Update: When we published part one of this blog entry, our Twitter count was around 16,000. In the past few days that has exploded to nearly 23,000. We continue to be blown away at this growth and interest in what we’re doing. We are amazed!


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