Zoom Water Added To Amazon Grocery

As we continue to grow our brand new beverage company, we’re super proud to announce today that Zoom Water™ has been picked up by Amazon.com for their grocery section. As a result, you can now have our caffeinated bottled spring water delivered right to your home or office. You can find it here.

Zoom Water™ Now At Amazon.comWe’re working hard to continue growing our retail store distribution. This is a big task, and it will take some time, so we’re glad to offer you this option in the meantime. We hope that you will order up a case, and get to Zoomin!

4 thoughts on “Zoom Water Added To Amazon Grocery

  1. We are monitoring the release of this locally. We broadcast late at night and drinking energy drinks constantly is not good for you. Water with a boost sounds like a winning formula. When you guys have advertising set up we would love to try it out. We invite you to advertise with us

  2. I received my samples today. I wanted to say thanks and let you know that I gave you guys a plug on air during this weeks episode. If you guys are interested in advertising with us drop me a line. Would love to help get the word out.

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