We’re No Longer “Coming Soon”

The first store to sell Zoom Water™ is live! We’re no longer a “coming soon” brand.

There’s lots of excitement as we announce that the Black Bear Coffee House in Nampa, ID is the first to offer Zoom Water™ in-store for retail sales. Located in the same metro area as the mountain spring where our water comes from, it was fitting for an Idaho retailer to come on board first. We’re working on lots more locations, and will have announcements coming quickly… but had to let you know about the first ASAP.

Black Bear Coffee House

The First Store To Sell Zoom Water™ is the Black Bear Coffee House in Nampa, ID (5687 E. Franklin Road).

If you know anyone living in the Boise, ID area, please tell them about our awesome caffeine-enhanced water, and its first sales location!

3 thoughts on “We’re No Longer “Coming Soon”

    • We certainly could, we just don’t have that worked out yet. We absolutely want to, and we’re aggressively looking into it. We promise updates as soon as we can. In the meantime, we don’t yet know if Amazon.com will ship there or not? Maybe try Amazon.ca and see if Zoom Water shows up or not?

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