Prototype Zoom Water™ Bottle

Snuck a photo for you of (approximately) what the Zoom Water™ bottle will look like. This is not a perfect representation, because the blue is too dark, the black is hard to read, and the bottle type we’ve chosen is slightly different. But, this is close!

Zoom Water™ Prototype

A Sneak Peek At What Zoom Water™ Will Look Like!

We’re also proud to say that our bottles from day one will be oxo-biodegradable! This means that no matter what happens to our bottles, they will breakdown at some point (roughly 2-3 years)  instead of the multi-decade lifespan of other water bottles. Better yet, of course, is that our bottles are also fully recyclable. We want you to enjoy your Zoom Water™ and then reuse or recycle the bottles.

More goodies to show you soon.

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