Rolls Make It Real

Today we got a giant box, with rolls and rolls of Zoom Water™ labels.  That’s how close we are to doing our first run of Zoom Water™ — we’re only waiting for one more thing.

We though you’d get a kick out of seeing what the rolls look like. They go on a giant bottle labeling unit that applies them to the bottles as they roll down the filling line. We’re bottling Zoom Water™ right at the source, so the awesome mountain spring water is about as fresh as it could be when we tighten that cap on top.

Everyone at Team Zoom is excited about our upcoming launch, and we’re thankful to you for taking an interest in what we’re doing!


Zoom Water™ Labels On A Roll

This is what 2,000 water bottle labels looks like!

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Today was a busy one for the Zoom Water™ team. We had a bunch of meetings today to go over the final bottling plans, pricing, early marketing, and more.

We talked in-depth about how we’ll be giving away tons of free samples through the Zoom Water™ web site, and also our Twitter account (@ZoomWater).

We don’t have a launch date, but we promise you its getting closer. Everyday is a step in that direction, and its looking more and more like Thanksgiving 2011 could go down as the most caffeinated holiday of the year! (Mom’s Pumpkin Pie made with Zoom Water™ sounds amazing right about now).

Prototype Zoom Water™ Bottle

Snuck a photo for you of (approximately) what the Zoom Water™ bottle will look like. This is not a perfect representation, because the blue is too dark, the black is hard to read, and the bottle type we’ve chosen is slightly different. But, this is close!

Zoom Water™ Prototype

A Sneak Peek At What Zoom Water™ Will Look Like!

We’re also proud to say that our bottles from day one will be oxo-biodegradable! This means that no matter what happens to our bottles, they will breakdown at some point (roughly 2-3 years)  instead of the multi-decade lifespan of other water bottles. Better yet, of course, is that our bottles are also fully recyclable. We want you to enjoy your Zoom Water™ and then reuse or recycle the bottles.

More goodies to show you soon.

Behind The Scenes

We’re working hard behind the scenes to get Zoom Water™ off the ground. We thought it would be awesome to launch this blog, and let the world know what we’re up to.

Right now, our staff is working on several things at once. Here’s a glimpse: final bottle designs, promotional one sheets, stickers, and the official Zoom Water™ web site. We have some other tricks up our sleeves too, but we can’t let all the cats out of the bag at once.

Soon, we’ll have a web page up where you can request FREE samples of Zoom Water™ and join our mailing list to get the most up-to-date information on our launch.

More details and behind the scenes looks are coming soon! In the meantime, catch us on Twitter @ZoomWater