Here’s To A Zoomin’ 2012 (Part Two)

In Part One of this post, we examined the first 91 days of Zoom Water™ and highlighted a lot of the happenings since we kicked off this exciting new beverage product.

In part two, we’re going to talk about some of the specific things going on to grow and build this company.

First, the most important thing for us right now is distribution. We have plenty of buzz and excitement for the product, and the number one question is “where can I buy it?” We need to be able to answer that with more definition and clarity. Right now, you can purchase Zoom Water at and – and we’ve had a growing case sales volume on those sites – but we need Zoom in more grocery stores, cafes, and convenience stores. We’re working hard on that!

We have an exciting and compelling redesign in the works. While the current Zoom Water™ logo has served its purpose, we’re excited to soon be showing off a new presentation. Our bottle label has been redesigned to better highlight and market the fact that this isn’t just bottled water — this is CAFFEINATED water! We want people to see that immediately, so they know what we’re all about instantly. The new design also conveys “energy” better. We can’t wait to share the new look with you.

While we’re working to grow our brand and footprint here in the United States, we’re also in the middle of negotiating an extraordinary deal to distribute Zoom Water™ to another country. Again, we can’t say much just yet, but we’re excited to have a remarkable partner in a country that has repeatedly expressed interest in our product. In a weird twist of business fate, at least temporarily, Zoom Water™ will be more widely available there than here at home. But that’s okay.

Finally, we have a new PR effort that will get underway as soon as the redesign is complete. We’re excited to have crafted a plan, we think, that will garner Zoom Water the attention we feel it deserves, and build awareness about our small business.

Quick Update: When we published part one of this blog entry, our Twitter count was around 16,000. In the past few days that has exploded to nearly 23,000. We continue to be blown away at this growth and interest in what we’re doing. We are amazed!


Here’s To A Zoomin’ 2012 (Part One)

We’re looking forward to an incredible year in 2012. We feel like we used the tail end of 2011 to our advantage, took some important steps, and are prepared for what comes next. In this two part article, we examine where we’ve been, and where we’re going!

Just 91 days ago we published our first blog article. We were in the throws of finalizing lots of details, including our bottle design, label printing, and making important connections. It has been an amazing few months. You can keep up with the day-to-day action at our Twitter account @ZoomWater – but here’s a neat recap:

  • In Mid-October, the first Zoom Water™ bottles were produced.
  • On October 25th, the Black Bear Coffee House in Nampa, Idaho became the first-ever retailer to carry the product. Since, they’ve sold through several cases, and have a growing interest in the product.
  • Within a week of that, Zoom Water™ became available nationally via and We’ve seen a steady and growing weekly case volume of sales ever since.
  • By mid-November, several food and product bloggers, including had done reviews and awesome articles. (They even baked a pizza with Zoom Water™ dough!)
  • On December 10th, Zoom Water™ was a featured product at The Glossy Party in NYC. Every event attendee walked away with Zoom samples in their swag bags.
  • In late December, our CEO was featured in an article by the Intuit Network talking about getting a new company off the ground, and the challenges of being a startup. They also did a sweepstakes, and gave away Zoom Water™ six packs to some lucky readers.

Among some of our other leaps since October, we’ve made some important overseas business contacts, sent sample product to more than 300 consumers across the United States, and perhaps most surprisingly, we’ve grown our Twitter account to more than 16,600 followers. We’re totally blown away by the intense interest in Zoom Water™ and we’re thankful to be conversing with so many people about the product each day.

In part two of this article, due to publish in a few days, we’ll examine some of the exciting and specific steps we’ll be taking in the new year. For us, we’re not even a year old yet – bu the flip of the calendar from 2011 to 2012 does symbolize the future for us. We can’t wait to show you where we’re heading!

Location, Location, Location!

We’re sure you’ve heard the old term “Location, Location, Location” as being the three most important parts to running a successful retail business. Over the years, the term has been applied to real estate in general. It’s true though, the right location can make or break a company.

So we’re swiping the term for our own uses as well! Right now the biggest challenge facing Zoom Water™ is distribution. Said simpler: we need more locations to be carrying our product. So far, a coffeehouse and two online retailers are carrying the product. All three are doing well with it, which is a sign of things to come we hope.

For the remainder of the year, the Zoom Water™ team is going to focus hard on getting your favorite caffeinated water into more stores, and available through more online retailers. For a beverage company, the goal is simple: get the products in as many places where people shop as possible.

We’re also working on a pair of unique placement ideas. We’ll share more about that when the time comes, but we think they’ll create tons of awareness for Zoom Water™ and generate some sales at the same time.

If you know someone who runs a store, coffee shop, deli, or other business that might appreciate Zoom Water™ – please pass along our email: – we’d love to talk with them and get our product in their hands.

Until next time… keep Zoomin’

Win A FREE Six Pack Of Zoom Water™

Our friends at Something Edible recently did an awesome write-up on Zoom Water™ (which you can read here). To thank them for their kind words, we’re teaming up to give away a free six pack of Zoom Water! Enter online here.

Something Edible

Win Some Zoom Water™ at Something Edible

We hope you’ll enter for a chance to win some free Zoom Water! The Something Edible site is really incredible, so spend a few minutes poking around while you’re over there. We’re trying one of their holiday recipes in the next few days and bet that you’ll find something you want to try also.

Zoom Water™ Added To

We’re excited to announce that Zoom Water™ is now available at, a specialty beverage site that offers all kinds of great products. If you’re into trying new drinks, is a great find! Hit this link to see Zoom Water™ on their site.

Zoom Water™ at

You can now buy Zoom Water at!

What’s great about ThirstMonger is that you get incredible flat rate shipping ($12.99 a case) AND for a limited time you can use the discount code ZOOMSV10 to take 10% off your order. That’s a great way to get started! They can ship to the lower 48 states.

Because we’re a brand new company, getting our product distributed to a lot of stores takes time. There’s a lot of buzz about Zoom Water™ and we’re so thankful for everyone’s early interest in our product, but it will take some time to grow and be available all over the place. In the meantime, sites like are a great service to us and allow really interested fans to buy the product! We hope you’ll pickup a case, and try us out!

Zoom Water Added To Amazon Grocery

As we continue to grow our brand new beverage company, we’re super proud to announce today that Zoom Water™ has been picked up by for their grocery section. As a result, you can now have our caffeinated bottled spring water delivered right to your home or office. You can find it here.

Zoom Water™ Now At Amazon.comWe’re working hard to continue growing our retail store distribution. This is a big task, and it will take some time, so we’re glad to offer you this option in the meantime. We hope that you will order up a case, and get to Zoomin!

We’re No Longer “Coming Soon”

The first store to sell Zoom Water™ is live! We’re no longer a “coming soon” brand.

There’s lots of excitement as we announce that the Black Bear Coffee House in Nampa, ID is the first to offer Zoom Water™ in-store for retail sales. Located in the same metro area as the mountain spring where our water comes from, it was fitting for an Idaho retailer to come on board first. We’re working on lots more locations, and will have announcements coming quickly… but had to let you know about the first ASAP.

Black Bear Coffee House

The First Store To Sell Zoom Water™ is the Black Bear Coffee House in Nampa, ID (5687 E. Franklin Road).

If you know anyone living in the Boise, ID area, please tell them about our awesome caffeine-enhanced water, and its first sales location!

Ready For Our Close Up

As we get closer and closer to our official launch, we’re filling in all the blanks around here. Lots of little details!

You can’t professionally launch a product these days without great high-resolution images. So we enlisted Boise, Idaho based Steve Smith to take some great shots of our water bottles and cases. He did a great job! Anyone else thinks its funny to take a picture of someone taking a picture?

Getting Product Shots

Photographer Steve Smith takes professional pics of Zoom Water™


We had a blast working with Steve, and soon you’ll see his awesome pictures of Zoom Water™ in our marketing work, on web sites, and more. Thanks, Steve!

Moving Fast & Furious Now

Sorry for such a quick post today, but it has been a crazy busy one. We’ve been making some important distribution contacts, and making decisions about how we want to kick off our marketing. We’re trying to get a lot done in a very short period of time, so people are moving around here at a quick pace. Imagine an office of people all happily slogging down Zoom Water™ all day — we’re a testament to the product’s true usefulness.

Pallets of Zoom Water™

This is just a small glimpse at the Zoom Water™ coming off the bottling line!

Thought you’d appreciate another behind the scenes shot here. This is one of the many pallets of Zoom Water™ rolling in now. We’re gearing up for sample mailings and such, so a lot of these bottles are going out as soon as they come in. No need to worry though, there’s lots more coming, and our official launch is imminent, as they say. 🙂

The First Cases Are Here!

Earlier this week, the first cases of Zoom Water™ rolled off the bottling line! As you can see in the photo below, that’s a lot of water. Actually, this pic is just a small glimpse of the first run. In the coming days, we’ll be allowing our early fans to request FREE samples, shipped straight to their door!

First Cases of Zoom Water™

These are the first cases of Zoom Water™ right off the bottling line!

We’ve got a busy week coming up. Stay tuned for lots more news!